If you use an interpreter through WordHouse, you can also hire the required equipment from us. Depending on the situation in which the interpreter will be working, you can hire a whisper set or a cabin.

The whisper set

A compact system that enables the interpreter to speak (whisper) into a microphone to audience members listening through headsets. The interpreter is in the same room as the audience and the speaker. It is best if they sit at a separate table or desk, to avoid disturbing the audience.

This equipment is ideal for smaller groups and in rooms that cannot accommodate a cabin. These might be small auditoriums or rooms and areas on upper floors of buildings without a lift. The whisper set is portable and easy to use and does not require the services of a technician.

The interpreter cabin

Ideal for big events and congresses. The interpreter cabin is a closed area that accommodates the interpreter. This prevents both the audience and the speaker from hearing the interpreter at work. When two interpreters are used, the pair can easily replace each other thanks to a special panel. The audience listen to the translation through a headset. The cabin is installed by a technician from WordHouse. During congresses attended by many different nationalities, it is also possible to employ several interpreters working from different cabins at the same time. However, this requires sufficient space to install the cabins.

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