Besides translating and writing services, WordHouse offers interpreting services for any situation where you require a professional translation of a spoken text.

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We have an extensive network of experienced interpreters specialising in a wide range of fields. Our interpreters know the terminology of your field and can provide excellent support in business negotiations or visits, for example.

It goes without saying that you can rely on the professionalism and discretion of all our interpreters. They are qualified and trained to professionally translate spoken language in many different situations.

We distinguish between three different types of interpreters:

The conversation interpreter

A conversation interpreter is used in situations involving a limited number of discussion partners, such as a deed transfer at a solicitor’s office. In many cases, the interpreter will ‘whisper’ the translation to the listening party and is therefore also known as a whispering interpreter.

The consecutive interpreter

A consecutive interpreter is used for a fairly large audience, at presentations for example. In these cases, the interpreter translates parts of the conversation while the speaker takes short breaks.

The simultaneous interpreter

If the speaker is unable to take breaks during his presentation, a simultaneous interpreter can be the solution. A simultaneous interpreter translates while the speaker is addressing the audience. This form of interpreting is ideal for congresses and other large gatherings. Simultaneous interpreting is the most intensive method of interpreting.

For this reason, several interpreters are often used in situations involving long periods of work. They can then replace each other, and thus keep up with the speaker without compromising on quality.

Special equipment is usually required for simultaneous interpreters at big meetings, such as interpreter cabins or a whisper set, including microphones and headsets for the listeners. This equipment can be hired from WordHouse. On this page, you can read more about interpreting equipment.

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