Full member of the VViN sector association

Wordhouse┬áis a member of the sector association VViN, the association of translation agencies in the Netherlands. VViN represents and promotes the interests of its members and provides them with support. The association’s membership is made up of select translation agencies that are obliged to satisfy strict requirements in the area of quality and service. For example, a special code of conduct has been drawn up by and for the VViN members. Moreover, our General Terms and Conditions are the same as those established by VViN.

It may be particularly interesting for you to know that since 1994 VViN has been focusing on the further professionalisation of the translation sector and the continuous enhancement of the quality and service level of translation services and related services in the Netherlands. The members of VViN can constantly step up the quality of the service they provide to their clients by organising joint meetings, but also by taking part in refresher courses, workshops, etc.

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