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We do not apply fixed prices …

WordHouse always sends you a customised quote in response to your request. There are several reasons for this.

Firstly, the price depends on the requested language combination. For some combinations, such as English-Dutch, many translators are available. For other language combinations, for example Danish- Portuguese, there are fewer translators. In general, a Danish-Portuguese translation will therefore cost more than an English-Dutch translation.

Besides the language combination, other factors play a role, such as the subject area and the level of difficulty of a text. For example: the translation of a medical text requires specialist knowledge and will usually take longer – and thus cost more – than a translation of a general article.

In short: every translation is unique. This also applies to interpreting and writing assignments. Because we always give you a customised quote, you know exactly where you stand.

… but you receive our detailed quote within a few hours.

If you send us a request for a translation, interpreting services or copywriting, our quote will be on your desk within a few hours. Thanks to streamlined acquisition processes and a database of 3,000 translators, interpreters and writers, we can arrange competitive prices.

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