Financial translations

Terms of exchange, fiscal unit, central rate? Our financial translators not only know how to translate financial jargon, but also what it means. And you will recognise that in the quality of the translation.

Specific specialists for your text

Financial texts hold no secrets for the financial translators at WordHouse. Through work experience or academic background, they have extensive knowledge of the terms used in the financial world.

WordHouse always selects a translator with the appropriate expertise for your text. And to ensure perfection, every financial translation is screened by a financial revisor with the same qualifications before it is delivered.

Always a fast delivery

Besides quality, WordHouse also guarantees speed. We offer short delivery times – without compromising on quality. Urgent translations are also part of our daily routine.

Through our extensive worldwide network of nearly 3,000 professional translators, we have enormous capacity. If necessary, our translators will work at the weekend, in the evening and at night on your texts. Our account managers will be happy to discuss the options.

Eye for detail

The tiniest details are vitally important in financial translations. A wrongly placed full stop or comma can have major repercussions. We therefore never underestimate the need for minor changes.

In order to be absolutely sure that all the details are correct, a translated text is always screened by an independent financial translator to ensure completeness, grammatical correctness, spelling and accuracy.


WordHouse naturally guarantees total confidentiality throughout and after the translation process. We work with strict confidentiality procedures and within a secure IT environment. On request, we will be willing to sign a confidentiality agreement drawn up by either party.

  We work for:

  • Fund managers
  • Banks
  • Insurance companies
  • Pension funds
  • Stockbrokers
  • Realtors and real estate companies
  • Trust corporations
  • Tax experts and counsellors
  • Notaries
  • Consultants

  Examples of documents:

  • Financial press releases
  • Reports
  • Shareholders’ registers
  • Annual reports
  • Quarterly reports
  • Prospectuses
  • Audit reports
  • Marketing texts for financial services (e.g. brochures and websites)
  • Audit certificates
  • Correspondence
  • Fiscal documents
  • Minutes
  • Chamber of Commerce extracts
  • (Strategic) annual plans
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