WordHouse has been successful in software localisation for over 25 years and has an excellent reputation in this field. When developing your software, you provide a consistent user interface for your applications.

Identical functions, buttons and menus are given identical names, not just in all the screens, but also in the related manuals. This consistency must obviously be maintained when your software is translated.

The WordHouse approach

Translating software requires a specific approach and specialised tools. WordHouse provides this, with translation memories, glossaries and client-specific style guides.

This working method has great advantages for you as our client:

  • Optimal consistency of the localised software: your terminology for the interface is stored and used in subsequent projects.
  • Lower translation costs result from the creation of translation memories. You will especially notice this in subsequent translation projects, such as patches or new versions of your applications.
  • In the client-specific style guide, we record your preferences for your software translations, such as the tone of voice, standard expressions, etc.

Localisation clients

Our clients include some of the biggest software producers in the world, such as producers of operating systems, office packages and database applications for CRM, HRM, ERP and other business applications. You can confidently trust WordHouse with the translation of very extensive applications.

Are you interested in finding out more about the localisation services provided by WordHouse? Contact us now and discover the many advantages of professional localisation performed by real experts.

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